Why the WWD?

“As our world becomes increasingly global, students need to develop skill sets in critical thinking, collaboration, communication and creativity. Involvement in global projects develops these skill sets. Students need to be able to share ideas, and appreciate the similarities and differences in space, culture and styles of learning across the globe. Learning beyond the textbook brings the world to reality!” -Anne Mirtschin, Australia

“If we can connect children to the world, they can appreciate cultures, listen to multiple perspectives, and consider how each of us can provide positive impact on the earth.” 

“It is important to teach students for when they are 40, not for the test on Friday.Create opportunitities that will last with them forever”Dyane Smokorowski, Kansas (USA)

“Global learning is important because it empowers teachers and students to take learning ourside of the four walls of a classroom. It breaks down barriers and provides engaging, authentic learning experiences”Micah Brown, Kansas (USA)

“Giving students the opportunity to connect with, learn from, and teach peers from different cultural backgrounds all over the world opens the eyes and minds of students. They are able to develop empathy, practice communication skills, and creatively problem-solve, understanding that they can truly make a positive difference in the world!”- Todd Flory, Kansas (USA)

“With Skype, hearts grow bigger, the world grows smaller and a world of possibilities, limited only by your imagination, is opened to you and your students. If you can dream it, chances are, you can Skype it” – Kelly Spector, California (USA)

“Using Skype to connect my students globally has changed my classroom like no other tool. My students know that in a click of a button we can Skype to learn more about a topic or more about people from around the world. I’m excited to participate in #WorldWonderDay 2015 as we make connections globally to make a difference locally.”Arin Kress, Ohio (USA)


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