Classroom Resources


A handout for parents to explain what is the WWD- Click HERE

*Click HERE to download the letter in Greek

Collaboration activities

Find some ideas of collaborative activities that you can use with your students- Click HERE

Self-Direction Rubrics

Find some rubrics that will help you organise your lesson and assess your teaching performance- Click HERE

Assessment Rubrics

Find some assessment rubrics for creating both formative and summative assessment while enhancing creativity at the same time- Click HERE

Suggested Platform & Tools

Find a selection of different platforms &  tools that you can use with your students-Click HERE

Creativity Applications

If you want to promote content learning and creativity in your classroom check out these applications- Click HERE


If you want to find more educational apps -Click HERE


You can download and customize this certificate of participation for your students- Click HERE

Suggested Books 

You can find some suggested readings and books for your students on this year’s topic “Homelessness” to inspire and motivate them  -click HERE

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