Content Connection & WWD

These ideas are shared as a starting point only. Please share your ideas with us! We will add them here and give you credit for the idea!


Collect data about homelessness in community and state, then compare  to the data collected by partner class.

Compare populations in both communities and find the percentage of families that are homeless or use services that help a similar population.

Use the data collected and compare that to the school population. If 5% of the community is homeless, would that also be true of the school community? Discuss why/why not.

Compare median and mean income for families in each community and analyze how that relates to and impacts the other data collected.

Graph items collected by each grade level or class in the school and find the average/student.


Research, summarize findings, and share about the theme/topic.

Read one of the suggested books that address the theme of homelessness.

Use Sway/iMovie/Office Mix/Chatterpix/other for PR purposes. These can be shared with school Community to encourage participation in a service learning project, if applicable.

Write a letter to Student Council, PTO, newspaper editor, or others to share goal and gain support.

Science (A BIG thank you to Kevin Fox for these ideas!)

Analyze and discuss the impact of weather and community climate/physical science  on the homeless.

Social Studies:

Research economy and other aspects of life as applicable in part of the country/world where partner school is located.


Help with PR and spreading the word to increase awareness and buy-in.


Select and perform a song to be shared via Skype with partner class.

Draft letter to stakeholders to increase awareness and buy-in. Help with PR.

FACS/Home Economics/Health:
Analyze best choices for possible donations to benefit homeless based on nutritional value. .


Analyze impact of homelessness on one’s overall health. 

English as a foreign language OR another language:

If you teach English as a foreign language or another language  (Spanish or French etc )you can use ideas from all the aforementioned subjects as you will discover that lots of the suggested activities will  practice speaking, writing, listening and reading skills. However we list some activities ideas here too:

Students need to learn what homelessness is, understand it and find ways to end it

Students discuss about their wonders, research and summarize their findings on presentations.Use Sway/iMovie/Office Mix/Chatterpix/other for PR purposes

You can ask your students to create a message about hunger or ask them to write something they feel strongly about. They can use words or pictures to communicate the message.

They can write letters or create posters that would describe the problem and share their feelings and ideas on how to end hunger in their community.


Don’t forget to share your wonders at #worldwonderday