What is the World Wonder Day?

World Wonder Day is a day for classes around the world to express what they wonder about a common/shared topic and together find and share answers, solutions, and even more wonders. Every year there will be a different topic/theme and questions that students will wonder about and research/answer with others around the world. Each class will share their wonders and answers on a presentation using their preferred tool. On the World Wonder Day classes from around the world will participate in a Skype call with a partner class (assigned by the WWD Team) and they will discuss their wonders, answers and present what they have learned.

What are the WWD Objectives?

WWD aims at promoting inquiry-based and global learning. Through WWD teachers and students are encouraged to build friendships, and practice communication and ICT skills. WWD was created by teachers in order for students to develop 21st century skills. WWD aims at transforming students to confident and empowered problem solvers who learn that ideas, inquiry, collaboration, and communication can make a real, lasting, and positive impact in the world.

Who can participate?

Teachers of all levels can sign up for the WWD and they will be partnered with a class of the same level. Librarians and other educational professionals  are also welcomed to participate.

Are there any connections with experts of the fields we are wondering?

Each year there is a different topic. According to the topic of wondering, we will make some skype connection suggestions for you and your classroom. You can find them in this website if you click HERE

How old should my students be?

The questions on the topic of wonder vary according to the age. Students of all ages can participate in the WWD by using the wonder questions. If you want to find the questions- click HERE

What does it cost?

Participation in WWD is free. Learning is priceless!

How do I  sign up?

To sign up- click HERE

What tools can I use?

This is totally up to you. You will connect with another class in the world using Skype. We also recommend twitter, Edmodo, Sway, email, kidblog, wikis, padlet, prezi and any other tool you can think of in order to connect your classroom with another classroom in the world. We are so excited to see the tools and resources World Wonder Day participants use with their students! You can find some ideas if you click HERE

What do I need to participate?

If you want to participate your first step is to sign up HERE for the WWD and the only thing you need is an email account. You can read more information about the WWD if you click HERE.

Why participate?

Global connections and learning prepare students to become citizens of the world. They connect with other students, learn about other cultures and life around the world. Global connections prepare students for the future.

WWD is more than a cultural connection… it offers a unique experience and opportunity for every student to think beyond the walls of the classroom by exploring and wondering about global issues.  Not only will students apply what they are learning in class to a real-world issue, they will experience collaboration, critical thinking, goal-setting,  leadership, and more.

Are there any resources I can use to start this project with my class?

We have created some resources for you to use with your students and others to share with parents or your school. You can find them if you click  HERE

Is there a twitter hashtag?

The twitter hashtag is #worldwonderday. We hope you will use the #worldwonderday hashtag to share your ideas, wonders, and successes with others!

How do I contact you?

You can contact us  at worldwonderday@outlook.com or by using the contact form HERE

If you wish to download and print the FAQ- Click HERE

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