Wondering where to start?

Select a resource to record student “wonders”. Need a recommendation? Try Sway, Office Mix, Padlet, ThingLink, or many more! 

Then start here:  

-Have you ever talked to or seen a homeless person?

-What do you known about homelessness? In our state/community/country?

-How do you think homelessness in our state/community/country relates to others around the world?

-How many of you have ever participated in an activity or service to help the homeless?

  • What do you wonder about homelessness?

(record all “wonders” using the resource you selected above).

  • How can we find out the answers to our questions?
  • Why should we find out the answers? Why do they matter?
  • What do these questions relate to math/ELA/science/social studies/language/other class content?
  • What should we do next?
  • These are some really interesting and thoughtful ideas and I’m so excited to see what we learn and what we as a class decide to do with what we learn!
  • We have a really exciting opportunity! We’ve been invited to join other classes around the world who are also learning about homelessness in their communities and around the world. We’ve been invited to use Skype to connect with another class in a different part of the world to share what we learn and what we wonder about homelessness where they live. It will be so interesting to compare what we learn with another class that lives far away from us.
  • What do you wonder about that?
  • Prompt if needed: How do you think homelessness might be the same here as it is somewhere else? What do you think might be different? What are you curious about?