WWD Step by Step at a Glance

Step 1: Sign up to participate in World Wonder Day  HERE

Step 2: Launch the topic of learning for the year of your participation. See this resource for ideas- click HERE Be sure to record your students’ wonders in some format (your choice!) so you can share of you’d like.

Step 3: Facilitate the process of helping students make a plan to research and find the answers to their “wonders”. This could be in the form of an internet search, interviews, phone calls, Skype calls with experts/organizations, etc.

Step 4: Synthesize the new information students learned. See this resource for sample questions-click HERE

Step 5: Create a shareable multimedia that can be shared with your partner class (matched by the World Wonder Day team) about what your students wonder about the same topic as it relates to the area in which your partner class is located. See ideas HERE

Step 6: Share your multimedia with the World Wonder Day team and your partner class.

Step 7: Email your partner class and set up a time to Skype and share what you have learned, what students wonder, and answer one another’s wonders. 

Step 8: Share your feedback and successes with us!

Step 9: Optional- continue to connect and support your partner class as appropriate

Throughout the project, we encourage participants to use social media to share ideas, wonders, successes, and good news. Let’s learn together and support one another!

We also encourage students to post their ideas, wonders, and new learning on the website for others to see here. 

Finally, let the World Wonder Day team know if your school collected items to donate or if World Wonder Day prompted any other type of service learning so we can celebrate your successes!

If you wish to download the above steps and print them then click HERE

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