Wonderful constructions and crafts

  1. Create your canstruction as a class or as an individual or paint a can!!!

2. Send us a photo with your wonderful creations and don’t forget to share it at #worldwonderday! 

3. Donate your wonderful cans to a food bank of your choice!

The best canstructions or painted cans will be featured here!!!

“Can-structions” by the 8th grade Service Leadership (John Witherspoon Middle School, (New Jersey, U.S.A)

IMG_0522 IMG_0527


Canstructions and crafts from the students of “The School Master”  (Trikala, Greece). All the constructions and crafts were created for our Halloween Boo-tiful Competition! Click HERE to see their masterpieces.

The “train of hope”- a canstruction created by the students of the 35th Elementary School of Trikala, Greece